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Indigenous Artisan Soaps

Indigenous Artisan Soaps

The Yukon Soaps Company

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Dorothy Profeit: Aunty Dorothy is well known for her sewing and has made everything from Yukon Parkas, to traditional wedding dresses and clothing for her many grandchildren. She is back to beading after recovering from an injury which prevented her from sewing for many years. This beaded flower was made for a vest for her dear friend and daughter-in-law.

Millie Olsen: Traditionally, beading patterns were passed down from aunties. Millie Olsen studies the patterns handed down to her and adds her own touch. Her beadwork tells the story of her family history.

Irene Johnny: In our community, there is a tradition of beading flowers to make a baby belt for new mothers. This special flower was made by Irene Johnny for someone who has dedicated a lot of energy to protecting the land and water in our traditional territory.
Ellen Profeit: This beadwork was handed down through the family and is now being taken care of by her great-granddaughter, who cherishes it and has a deep respect for the art form. There are very few pieces of beadwork remaining of this matriarch that passed away in 1962.
Alice Buyck: Alice Buyck was a well respected Northern Tutchone Elder and artist who made many items found in both private and public collections. This flower design is from a pair of slippers she made for her granddaughter.
Dawna Hope: Dawna Hope has many artistic talents and draws inspiration from the land around her. Although she is most known for her fish scale artwork, she has recently learned to bead. She uses bright colours and adds a bit of sparkle to every creation.
Betty Lucas: Betty Lucas is known for her passion and dedication for our culture and heritage. In her beadwork, every flower is different and her colour combinations stand out.

Joella HoganMany years ago, Joella learned to bead from Elders in Yellowknife. When she returned to the Yukon, she made a bag for her mother with traditionally made sinew and this beadwork. Taking “handmade” to the next level, she has combined two of her passions: beading and soap making.