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Yukon Soaps

Yukon Soaps

The Yukon Soaps Company

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Auroras PassionRedolent of a crisp, clear night with the aurora borealis in the Yukon night skies, this stimulating soap will certainly give rise to your passions! This Robust soap features Yukon’s rose hips, liquid chlorophyll and pure essential oils.

Bengali SpiceFun, exotic, romantic and stimulating. With stress reducing spices, citrus and nutrient rich wheat germ oil. For both face and body.

Cornmeal + HoneyA gardener’s delight. Finely ground cornmeal gently exfoliates while honey contributes emollient and nutritive qualities to soften and nurture your skin. Excellent facial soap and all over body scrub.

Herbal SeaGorgeously marbled soap with greens from alfalfa-based liquid chlorophyll and powdered kelp which also provides gentle exfoliation. Luxuriously scented with ylang ylang and lavender. To top it off, it is enriched with avocado and jojoba oils.

Mary JaneHemp heaven! This fresh, chunky soap contains jojoba and sweet almond oils to complement the hemp, ho wood, cedar wood and clove essential oils for a moisturizing, refreshing cleanser. Great for dry skin.

Petals + PatchouliDefinitely some “hippy love” with this soap! This beautiful, healing nutrient rich soap has the powerful healing properties of calendula, the powerful allure of patchouli and is topped with dried fireweed, cornflower, wild rose and calendula petals.

Romancing the SoapVibrant yellow tone soap thanks to ground calendula flowers with a luscious smell of ylang ylang, clove, patchouli and orange essential oils. Divine!

Yukon Gin + TonicJuniper berries and fireweed scented soap with a zesty combination of juniper and lemon essential oils. Rich in vitamin A, D, and E. A perfect combination to create some suds.