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Reassembly Botanical Fragrance Oil

Botanical Fragrance Oil


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We love reassembly's perfume oil, the careful composition of reassembly's fragrance oil gives a subtle scent that feels both simple and luxurious. 

"Combining the best and most special essential oils, resins, tinctures and concrets from around the world, reassembly botanical fragrances have no gender and/or limitations. They are created, blended and bottled by hand in small batches with loving attention to detail and alchemical intention and are created to be an instrument of self expression meant to be worn creatively and with individual interpretation. "

Perfect for on-the-go needs or for home


  • BLACKWOOD: Blackwood is sweet and earthy, with powdered incense tones. Seductive, hypnotic, ancient.                                                                     bergamot, musk, agarwood, vetiver, patchouli dark


  • NYC: sensational, precise, chaotic, city streets meet plant life 

    jasmine sambac, rose maroc, leather, galbanum


  • MOSSCAPE: Inspired by a men's lavender water recipe from the 1800s, buttery fresh, creamy clean.

    lavender, oakmoss, sandalwood, japanese peppermint


  • COCO 77: fresh and unexpected, an herbal aura dances while coconut melts into warm skin.

    fig, mokeflower, green coconut, mandarin red, white thyme


  • WHITEWOOD: elegant and wild. slightly undone, sultry, nonconformist.

    oud, ho wood, himalayan cedarwood, sweet and bitter orange.

10 ml glass bottle, roller top for applying, trustworthy lid


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