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Rib Ankle Socks / Dark Isatis Blue

Rib Ankle Socks / Dark Isatis Blue


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Your everyday classic and comfy ribbed ankle sock.

Naturally dyed with woad — a flowering perennial herb found in Toulouse, France. Due to the nature of the natural dye method color may vary.


  • 93% lyocell from bamboo, 7% elastane
  • Hand dyed in small batches
  • Made in Portugal


This garment requires some extra care:

"We recommend a cold wash on a gentle cycle using natural detergent and hang drying for all our products. A colder wash saves electricity, the gentle cycle wears the fabric down less, natural detergent (especially with neutral PH) can retain the colour and elastane for longer and hang drying is easier on the clothing and the environment. Hand washing is always a good option too. If you are not separating delicates, use a laundry bag to protect the fabric from getting damaged. Look for a dense fabric for the laundry bag.

Naturally dyed garments are sensitive to sun exposure. To ensure colourfastness, do not dry or store in direct contact with the sun."


About the brand:

Founded in 2012, Baserange is a line of modern basics with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes. The company works closely with innovative vendors to develop high quality textiles from both natural fibers and recycled content. Baserange believes that a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user.