Eat Dust

Eat Dust
Eat Dust is a Belgian denim brand founded in 2010 by longtime friends Rob Harmsen & Keith Hioco in the city of Antwerp. The label is instilled with the DIY attitude and rebelliousness of the skateboarding and punk rock scenes from which the two designers emerged. Eat Dust merges classic menswear and a love of denim with an eclectic range of influences, such as vintage western, military wear, Americana, motorcycling, skateboarding and musical subcultures. The result is a contemporary lifestyle brand with an outspoken attitude.
Field Jacket / Doppio Camo
Eat Dust Frosthammer Nylon / Bottle Green
Combat Shirt Cotton Oxford / Khaki
Eat Dust Captain Chino Keats Cotton Twill / Lovat
Eat Dust Service Chino Keats Cotton Twill / Lovat