bare knitwear

bare knitwear
Bare Knitwear was born out of a small studio on the West Coast of Canada with the goal to combine heritage artisanship with modern design. After years of searching for small scale, honest production and luxurious fibres, Peru became the origin of Bare Knitwear products in the summer of 2014. After spending weeks in the country developing the brands first samples and searching for the best materials, founder Kelsey Adair placed Bare Knitwear's first order of hand knitted alpaca scarves. From a hostel room high in the Peruvian Andes, Bare Knitwear was established. Today the brand continues to collaborate with small producers and artisan groups throughout Peru for the development of their signature alpaca, wool and pima cotton collections.
Bare Knitwear Marin Rib Tight / Black
Bare Knitwear Marin Rib Tight / Wheat
Bare Knitwear Stanley Pullover / Wheat
Bare Knitwear Jude Alpaca Pant / Ash
Bare Knitwear Jude Alpaca Crew / Ash
Bare Knitwear Channel Sweater / Driftwood
Bare Knitwear Channel Sweater / Root
Bare Knitwear Marin Rib Top / Wheat
Bare Knitwear Marin Rib Top / Black
Bare Knitwear Felted Wrap / Ash
Bare Knitwear House Socks / Linen
Bare Knitwear House Socks / Charcoal