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Miigwetch Giving Card

ad hoc penticton

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We are Giving Thanks for the strength and resilience of our nation’s Indigenous peoples; instead of a traditional “sale”, we offer a trade. 

You will receive 15% off all adhoc stock, in exchange for a minimum donation of 15$. Once we see that you’ve donated, we’ll process your order with the discount. If we don’t see any donation, we’ll simply refund you for your purchase.

We ask that you donate as much as you can spare so that we can allocate the funds to your regional Native Friendship Centre to help support the important programs they run. You can purchase multiple Miigwetch gift cards! Thank you for supporting your Indigenous community! If you would like to make a substantially larger donation, please reach out to info@adhocpenticton.com once you’ve given your initial 15$

The coupon code is "Miigwetch", meaning "Thank you" in the Algonquin language. When the gifting card is purchased you are free to use the code for your order. Please use the code only once for each purchase of the Gifting Card.